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A pair of Rooster pheasants standing on deer antler courtship 
mount antler to set great in your den or office. 

$150.00 +Freight

A pair of Bobwhite quail flying with native grass and Bobwhite fastened 
to an old fence post to hang. 
Great gift for the Quail hunter in your house.

 $150.00 +Freight

Five Bobwhite Quail in a dead mount positioned the way the old time quail hunters carried them. 
Fastened to barn wood to hand on the wall with some empty shot gun shells on shelf. 
A great conservation piece.

 $250.00 +Freight

A pair of Roosterpheasants  standing on a styrofoam base with natural grass to set
 $370.00 +Freight

Rooster Pheasant flying with native grass and old fence post to hang. 
Your Pheasant hunter will love this. 
All of our Pheasant have good long tail feathers. 

$175.00 +Freight 

Two Rooster Pheasant fighting on Styrofoam base with native grass to set lots of action. This mount has all the Pheasant hunters talking. 

$370.00 +Freight

Chucker flying on driftwood $135.00 +Freight

This beautiful Bobcat mount does not require a base. It is designed to lie on a mantle or shelve with the reality that he could just get up and walk away. 

$450.00 +Freight

Big life-size Bobcat jumping up after startled Quail in full flight attached to a 
wooden base and can also be attached to a Styrofoam base.

 $500.00 +Freight

Bobcat standing over pheasant on base $580.00 + Freight

Beaver swimming ,on driftwood 
$375.00 + Freight

Bobcat shoulder mount, free standing on a Whitetail Deer antler to set with dead mount 
Bobwhite Quail in this mouth. 

$250.00 +Freight

Bobcat shoulder mount, free standing on a Whitetail Deer antler to set. 

$225.00 +Freight

Bobcat Rug $380.00 + Freight

Badger Rug $380.00 + Freight

This life-sized Bobcat rug comes in various sizes, 
Open mouth one or two colors felt or your choice.
 Can lie on floor or hang on wall.

 $380.00 +Freight

Coyote shoulder mount, can be attached to various bases 
including antler, rock or wood. 

$250.00 +Freight

Fox standing with front feet on stump 
$395.00 + Freight

A cute little Raccoon setting on an antique minnow bucket 
with fishing pole in hand.
 Great conservation piece.

 $350.00 +Freight

Red Fox lying on artificial rock to hand on wall. $450.00 + Freight

   Raccoon shoulder mount attached to deer antler to set on shelf $175.00 +Freight